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2024 Infinite Wellness Package

Kick of 2024 with support to reach your optimal health and wellness goals.

We have created a combination treatment package to address your overall physical wellness; provide nutritional support and guidance; and address any underlying imbalances that may be affecting your health. 

Refillable Water Bottle

Package Inclusions

Functionality You Will Love

3 X


BioMagnetic Pairing is a full-body treatment that studies, detects and corrects fundamental alterations of pH within the body. When the pH is balance it supports healthy cellular function. The therapy applies high strength magnets to the body and can address a wide range of symptoms/health conditions. 

1 X


The Hair Analysis records a section of your personal sine wave frequency by mapping freshly plucked hair follicles. A comprehensive 30+ page report is provided highlighting potential nutrient inadequacies, food sensitivity and much more. The report includes an extensive list of recommended foods to include in the daily diet. 

2 X


The Ionic Foot Detox treatment works through a combination of osmosis and small elecrical impulse to improve lymphatic flow, circulation and the body's natural detoxifcation pathways. Paired with a nutritional diet and adequate hydration the foot detox is an excellent health and detoxifcaion support. 

1 X 


The pack includes a bottle of high-strength practitioner grade ProBiotics to address potential gut bacteria imbalances - a common contributor to wide ranging symptoms. A personalized medicinal mushroom powder complex, determined by a combination of your initial BMP treatment and presenting symptoms.

Package Recommendations

1st Appointment: BioMagnetic Pairing Session 1

2nd Appointment (10-14 days later): BioMagnetic Pairing Session 2 + Ionic Foot Detox

3rd Appointment (10-14 days later): BioMagnetic Pairing Session 3 + Ionic Foot Detox 

Hair Analysis Appointment is recommended afer the 2nd BioMagnetic Pairing appoinment. It can be made as a separate appointment or at the same time as BMP Session 3. 

If you have recently had BMP treatments it is ok to do the Hair Analysis immediately. 

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